About JBEC


I sincerely appreciate your continued patronage to Japan Blue Energy and our business group.

Since our establishment in 1975, our business has changed from the activation of rural areas to the consulting services of the introduction of new energy resources. Japan has few fossil fuel resources. Then, we focused on renewable energy produced from the inherent resources such as soil, water, air, and sunlight.
We repeated a number of experiments and studies, resulting in the original development of patented technology for the recovery of highly-pure hydrogen by biomass gasification in 2009.
Furthermore, after various improvements, we developed new patented technology for a new process in 2015.

In recent years, the renewable energy industry reached a significant turning point. The government has decided a new basic energy plan, and the sales of fuel cell vehicles have been started, where hydrogen is a future energy source. Furthermore, since the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics can be considered as “a technology exhibition of hydrogen society” a rapid change of the energy-supply structure is expected.

With the corporate philosophy, “new value is created with advanced, original technologies to realize an affluent, comfortable society and environment” and the slogan, “Create for the Next Generation”we conduct our business from the perspective of 50 to 100 years later in the future.

A company pursues increased corporate value and, thus, requires the creation of a market for that purpose. By building local production for local consumption type energy infrastructure, we circulate resource, energy, and economy within a local area. Then, as we contribute to local creation, we strive to increase our corporate value and establish a reliable corporate brand.

I would like to ask for your further support and advice.

Naoki Dowaki, President

Japan Blue Energy Co., Ltd.